Brose baskets euroleague

brose baskets euroleague

Dez. Auch bei Tabellenschlusslicht Anadolu Efes Istanbul konnte Brose Bamberg seine Niederlagenserie in der Euroleague nicht beenden. Alle aktuellen Basketball-Nachrichten von den Brose Baskets, DJK Don Bosco Bamberg Wenig Widerstand: Playoff-Aus für Brose Bamberg in der Euroleague . Juni Brose Bamberg entscheidet sich gegen EuroLeague und Eurocup und wird in den kommenden fünf Jahren in der Basketball Champions. One week later, trainer Online roulette test Bauermann announced his resignation. Brose Baskets won 3: If they can improve just a little when it comes to putting the ball in the basket, that may brose baskets euroleague enough for this Serbian club to clinch a second-straight playoff berth down the stretch. Ina large corporate zone and new corporate luxury boxes were also added to the arena. And he is doing this for a second-to-last Unics team that has been ravaged by injury and currently sits at On June 2,Chris Fleming signed a three-year contract as head coach. I should have known better…Red Star is no slouch. And yet, how is Red Joker 10000 Slot - Play Online Slots for Free, pretty much seen moon princess casino an afterthought going into the year, competing for a playoff spot, and knocking off teams like Real and CSKA in sound fashion? And furthermore, this has worked to the advantage of their overall offense, as evidenced by their points per field goal mark of 1. Or would the change in player composition have little to no impact? This earned them the German Championship title for the fourth time and meant they cubits achieved two double wins in succession. That authenticity that makes a Euroleague club really special, makes it different from the typical professional basketball club in the NBA, Europe or anywhere else in the world. That being said, we Beste Spielothek in Adelwitz finden only one week into the second-half of the regular vfl wolfsburg nachrichten. Wir freuen uns auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit und auf die einzigartige Atmosphäre in 'Freak City'! Einem Konkurrenzkampf mit den Bayern um die Euroleague gehen sie aus dem Weg. Finanzielle Gründe dürften allerdings eine deutlich wichtigere Rolle spielen. Ex-Cluberer steht im Copa-Finale. Immer auf dem Laufenden Sie haben Post! Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Der Bundestrainer und seine Mannschaft sind aber noch an anderer Stelle gefordert. Sie haben Javascript für Ihren Browser deaktiviert. Hier können Sie die Rechte an diesem Artikel erwerben. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingaben. In etwa zwei Wochen will Brose Bamberg die Kaderplanung weitestgehend abgeschlossen haben. Nikos Zisis links und seine Teamkameraden müssen sich in Valencia deutlich geschlagen geben.

Brose baskets euroleague -

Fortschritte in der Neurologie. Auch Leon Kratzer und Arnoldas Kulboka, die in der abgelaufenen Saison an andere Clubs ausgeliehen waren, sind für den neuen Kader eingeplant. Abonnieren Sie unsere FAZ. Bitte wählen Sie einen Newsletter aus. Anlässlich des Guinness-Weltrekord-Tages hat ein japanischer Seilspringer eine neue Höchstmarke gesetzt und damit sich selbst überboten. Der Grund dafür ist etwa beim Turnier in Schanghai zu finden.

I though we could see an Itoudis-Trinchieri playoff matchup. I thought we could see the Melli-renaissance continue in the postseason. But so many close losses.

Just wait until next October, Bamberg. You have lost enough chips at the Euroleague poker table already. Out of all the Turkish teams, I may like you, Gala the best.

An authenticity to the playmaking seance of Sinan Guler. An authenticity to fans either immense hate or immense love for head coach Ergin Ataman.

You could make the argument that Gala made a lot of poor roster decisions early in the year cough…Russ Smith…cough.

You could say that they probably underachieved, though in reality, they were a fringe-playoff team at best.

You ran the floor. You beat good teams when we least expected it, and lost to bad teams when we expected wins. You looked like a playoff contender down the stretch on the road, and perhaps a bottom-end Eurocup team at home in the same time span.

And yet, there was a genuine-feeling to yo guys, your club, inside and out. That authenticity that makes a Euroleague club really special, makes it different from the typical professional basketball club in the NBA, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

We probably should have seen this down season coming, Barca. You were like a casanova trying to pick two lovers, but eventually disappointing both of them.

The hiring of Georgios Bartzokas, signified a rebuild or a change in direction as a club, as he had no Spanish coaching or playing experience.

But then again, you kept a lot of the same talent from the Pascual era. Back was Justin Doellman. Back was Brad Oleson.

It looked like a Xavi Pascual squad, only it was a Greek, not a Catalan, who was coaching the red and blue. And when you try to live in both worlds, generally speaking, those worlds collide in bad ways.

And that was the case time and time again in Barca, you just never really seemed cohesive on the offensive end, and just struggled to put the ball in the bucket.

You were so close to making a Final Four a year ago , and now it seems like the club has been put years behind in terms of rebuilding.

Bartzokas is good as gone, as may anybody else with ties to the Pascual-era. Instead, we had to witness you guys endure a long, slow death with a dead-man walking in Bartzokas leading the futile Euroleague charge.

Thanks for making Barcelona fans, and us general European basketball fans, nearly masochists in the process. Last season, Zalgiris, you had a Euroleague season to forget.

And to make matters worse, at the start of the summer, it seemed almost certain that Saras was going to coach his former club, Barcelona in I said how this was going to be a good thing , and how Saras would develop as a coach while mentoring your younger players and roster.

You signed Kevin Pangos, a former Zag whom I love. And you kept your core intact, made up mostly of Lithuanians with prestige youth playing experience.

You struggle to find a go-to guy in crunch time. Your loss at home against Efes which effectively eliminated you from the playoffs was heart-wrenching, as many general Euroleague fans were pulling for you to make the field of eight.

But you guys did it your way: You should be commended Saras for what you did, for winning 14 games with a roster that was probably pegged to finish in the bottom half in the preseason.

It was a joy to see Paulius Jankunas develop as an inside-outside threat, Lukas Lekavicius go balls out off the bench, and Leo Westermann demonstrate basketball IQ and a shooting stroke on a nightly basis.

I never felt Zalgiris was a serious playoff contender at any point in the year, even in their crucial game against Efes in Kaunas.

But Zalgiris was like that wonderful, scrappy, Mid-Major basketball team with the charismatic coach who got the most out of his players.

Man, I feel sorry for whoever is going to take over for Saras in Kaunas next year. This was a very special Zalgiris team not just for Lithuanian fans, but European basketball fans in general.

You had the lowest payroll in the Euroleague. You lost Quincy Miller and Maik Zirbes to Maccabi, two key guys who led you to the playoffs a season ago.

And who did you replace them with? It was just those two, South Dakotan legend Nate Wolters, and a whole bunch of young players who came from your developmental system.

Much like Zalgiris, this was expected to be a developmental year. But I should have known better than to doubt the Red Star ultras. I should have known better than to downplay the coaching Dejan Redonjic.

I should have known better and realized that Serbia produces some of the best young basketball talent in the world.

I should have known better…Red Star is no slouch. Red Star plays with pride, they play with toughness, and the play to win…each and every night in the Euroleague.

Kuzmic surprised us, displaying the post skills that made him once a NBA draft pick. Marko Simonovic was the leader of the bench mob thanks to his streaky outside shooting.

Stefan Jovic was becoming a point guard savant up there with the best of the Euroleague until he got injured.

Nemanja Dangubic started to display the two-way, multiple position skills that makes him one of the more debated prospects in Europe.

We all wish it was you, and not Dacka in the playoffs Red Star. We will miss your fans. We will miss your young roster. We will miss the Marko Guduric heat check step backs.

We will just miss Serbian basketball in the postseason…it just goes underappreciated way too fucking much.

Please read the full post on that web site, as it features some funny perspectives from other writers in the Euroleague blogosphere.

However, even though the season is almost over, it is fun to think about what teams could have possibly done to have improved their chances earlier in the season.

Would it have made a difference, and pushed them in the playoffs? Or would the change in player composition have little to no impact?

Ante Tomic has proven to age poorly, and has struggled offensively and defensively against athletic and active post players.

Joey Dorsey was a rebounding-only player who provided little, if anything, on the offensive end before he was eventually released.

And at point guard, Barcelona has struggled to find any playmaking beyond Tyrese Rice. Not only would both Randolph and Draper have added more scoring, production and athleticism to this Barcelona team, but Bartzokas would have been able to properly utilize them on the offensive and defensive end, thanks to his experience coaching them in Kuban a year ago.

Zalgris Kaunas is still lingering in the playoff picture after a big win over Panathinaikos in Round That being said, what has killed Zalgiris this year is the presence of a true scorer who can create his own offense on a consistent basis.

Keith Langford has been that player this year for Unics Kazan. He is averaging And he is doing this for a second-to-last Unics team that has been ravaged by injury and currently sits at But, his skills have gone to waste for a team that has fallen out of the race dramatically over the past weeks.

The Lithuanian Zalgiris fanbase is one of most loyal and passionate groups in Europe, and Langford would fit in seamlessly into their basketball culture.

The green faithful would appreciate his talents with sold-out crowds not the case in Kazan, and multiple applauding cheers in his favor. In return, Langford would give Saras and the Zalgiris fans an experienced, competitive and multi-dimensional scorer who would be the missing piece to this tough Zalgiris team.

With Langford, this team not only would have been a playoff team, but perhaps would have had some Final Four dark horse potential as well. This has been a rough year for the once promising Italian star.

After a breakout season with Olimpia Milano where he averaged While he averaged 20 ppg in the Euroleague a season ago, Milano did not make it out of the first round of play.

To make matters worse, Gentile underwhelmed in Serie A play, as he only scored Gentile struggled to mesh with fellow Milano teammates and staff on and off the court, as he only averaged After averaging only 3.

Much like Zalgiris or Crvena Zvezda, while they lack star power, they stay competitive due to excellent coaching and superb team chemistry.

A lot of that can be credited to Italian head coach Andrea Trinchieri, who has helped Brose overachieve in the Euroleague in his tenure as head coach, and created a culture of winning in Bamberg both in the Euroleague and BBL.

If there is one coach who could connect to Gentile and help turn around his career, it would be Trinchieri who is also a fellow Italian , who while a bit eccentric, always seems to get the most out of his players, and finds the right roles for them in his offensive and defensive system.

Gentile, a free-wheeling scorer, would have brought much needed relief to this Bamberg team offensively, especially to Nicolo Melli, who has constantly been the focus of opposing defenses since mid-season.

Of course, would there be a chance Gentile would implode in Germany like he did in Greece? Thus, it was easy to dismiss that both teams would give some fight, but were far from serious contenders for a playoff spot.

And yet, here we are, with Red Star currently in the 7th position at and Brose on their tail in the 9th position at Both teams have won their last three games, each with quality wins over playoff-contenders on the resume in the recent stretch Brose has beaten Olympiacos and Barcelona by double digits; Red Star did the same to Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow.

Considering how wide-open the playoff situation is beyond Real Madrid, CSKA and Olympiacos, both under-the-radar clubs have to be taken seriously not only as playoff contenders, but perhaps Final Four dark horses to boot.

That being said, we are only one week into the second-half of the regular season. Are Brose and Red Star for real? Or are they simply riding hot stretches of play, about to be exposed in the coming weeks or toward the end of the season?

Since then, the Bamberg-based club has been , their lone blemish a loss to Real Madrid in the Spanish capital.

Melli is averaging All this has helped Melli accumulate a PIR average of Though they are only 5th in the Euroleague in total 3-point attempts, they have made the 3-pointer an effective weapon.

And furthermore, this has worked to the advantage of their overall offense, as evidenced by their points per field goal mark of 1.

One of the most interesting aspects of this 3-point heavy assault is that it is mostly utilized when Melli is on the bench. Melli leads the team in MPG at However, when he is on the bench, that 2-point percentage drops to Brose probably can light it up with anybody in the Euroleague on the perimeter.

Darius Miller is averaging a team-high And lastly, Janis Strelnieks and Maodo Lo have also provided crucial spark to this Brose team as well on both ends of the court, both in the starting lineup and off the bench.

So the question is this: As effective as their offense is, they still offer up some size and physicality to opponents, and against more bruising teams, Brose could find trouble not just scoring points, but pulling off wins.

Trinchieri has always been regarded as one of the finer coaching minds in Europe, and he has probably done his most masterful job yet.

This Brose team could have packed it in after losing eight of their first ten, but while clubs in similar positions at the time like Olimpia Milano and Galatasaray have seemed to fallen off by the wayside, Brose has become one of the scariest and most dangerous teams in Europe.

Unlike Brose, this Red Star team looks horrendous on paper. As in the previous season, it was possible to keep the core team together in —13, but injuries during the season led to a number of changes, which weakened the team.

In contrast with previous years, the team failed to get through the qualifying round of the Cup competition, losing Here they came up against FC Bayern München, who they managed to beat 3: This meant they were through to the final for the fourth time in a row.

Brose Baskets won 3: In the regular season Brose Baskets could not defend its top seed position from the three previous years finishing second behind Bayern Munich and thus facing the 7th seeded Artland Dragons in the playoff quarterfinals.

The Dragons pulled off an upset and beat Brose with 3—1. After the season the club parted ways with head coach Chris Fleming.

In the —15 season, Brose Baskets came back on top of the German basketball world, after they beat the defending champions Bayern Munich 3—2 in the Finals.

In the —16 season, Brose Baskets had an impressive EuroLeague campaign, in which the team survived the Regular Season and advanced to the Top In the Bundesliga, Brose had an even more impressive season.

The team finished first in the regular season by a wide margin, and eventually won the championship after sweeping all opponents in the playoffs.

Through its championship in the —16 season, Bamberg qualified for the —17 EuroLeague , the first true European basketball league.

In Germany, the team once again dominated. Since , Brose Bamberg has played its home games at brose ARENA , a venue that has undergone a number of name changes since it was built.

Following alterations to the building in , it could hold up to 6,, after originally having a seating capacity of 4, spectators for basketball games.

In , a large corporate zone and new corporate luxury boxes were also added to the arena. Thanks to the expansion, the arena also became big enough for Turkish Airlines EuroLeague games EuroLeague minimum capacity arena rules - 5, seats.

In , the arena removed the fan's standing room section, in order to meet minimum EuroLeague arena regulations no standing room only areas are allowed in EuroLeague arenas , which reduced the arena's seating capacity to 6, Kennedy Hall, on the U.

Bamberg fans are famous for their devotion and unstinting support. An audio clip of the fans at the arena can be found here.

Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed.

Brose Baskets and their partner clubs, offer young players excellent development opportunities. Brose Baskets and their registered association therefore run junior Under-9, Under, Under, Under, Under, and Under teams, and collaborate with Baunach, a team in the German third-tier level Bundesliga ProB.

Brose Baskets also work with a large number of other clubs, in the Under to Under range, as part of the Junior Franken project.

In addition, many of the players from Bamberg's youth program have been in the squads for the senior German national team and the German junior national teams.

As well as running professional sports activities, Brose Baskets and their partner clubs, reach around 12, children and young people each year, through numerous leisure sports projects.

On October 1, , Förderverein Basketball Bamberg e. The aim of the association, is to support youth development work in the area of basketball. As of February , it had around members.

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